What's It About?

Are We Almost There? is an original musical  comedy revue about the frustrations, anxieties and occasional
joys of travel.

This fast-paced 70-minute show is full of songs and sketches about subjects like the hazards of traveling with
friends, panic packing, eating in the car, lousy timing, disaster site voyeurs, our love affairs with our vehicles,
group tours, annoying car alarms, the adventure of taking public transportation, cathedral overload and other
matters from SUVs to B&Bs.  The show features a cast of two women and two men, accompanied by piano.  
The set, props and costumes are minimal, in typical revue style, and the focus is on the material and the acting.

History of the Show

Are We Almost There? had the fateful timing of officially opening the weekend after September 11, 2001.  The
initial run was 3 weeks, but, the audience reception was enthusiastic - people welcomed the opportunity to
laugh - and the show continued its run, continually being held over, eventually settling into a run of 3 years,
making it one of San Francisco's longest running original shows.

The show is being licensed to other theater companies.
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