"Are We Almost There? isn't afraid to explore the underbelly of tourist life.  Are We Almost There? is a hilarious
account of the 'other' side of travel."  
-San Francisco Chronicle (Performance Pick listing)

"Frothy and fun, the musical revue, Are We Almost There? whisks audiences away on a light-hearted joy ride.
Fun lyrics, merry melodies and high-energy performances. Rhyming couplets flow effortlessly from Bobrow.
He knows how to fashion a tune, balancing good cheer with just a touch of cynicism. Savvy observations.
Writer Bobrow also directs with a fine sense of comic timing, pushing the show along at a high-spirited clip!"    
-San Francisco Bay Times

"Beautifully performed and full of laughs. It's really worth the trip!"  -KGO Radio, San Francisco

"Are We Almost There? has the audience on a roller-coaster of funny, clever songs!"  -Observer

AOL's Pick as a best bet in Bay Area entertainment - "extra worthy of our seal of approval."  -AOL Weekender

"Clever Morris Bobrow is dead-on with rhymes and satirical songs about how we travel!"  (Best Bet)  -Pacific

"Cancel your reservations. Sit back and laugh your way to paradise. I loved it!"  -Roger Rappoport, co-editor of
I Really Should Have Stayed Home
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