What's It About?

Party of One is an original musical revue about being single.  The tone is mostly humorous,  but, at times
touching and poignant.  The songs and sketches focus on  such topics as the frustrations of dating,
relationships, making connections, communicating, the pressures to hook up with another, discrimination
against singles and the joys and rewards of singlehood.  It presents the views of both sexes.  The tone is
upbeat and fun.  Audiences relate to it.  
Party of One appeals to audiences of all demographic groups, being a
show "for everyone who is, or has ever been, single."  The show is in typical revue format, with a few singers
and piano or small musical ensemble.  The set, props and costumes are economical, with the focus on the
material and acting.

History of the Show

Party of One is San Francisco's longest running original musical, having played there for 7 years, moving from
The Cable Car Theater to The Plush Room to The City Cabaret, and, finally, to The New Conservatory
Theater.  That production also traveled to various venues in and out of California for special bookings.  
Licensed productions had successful runs in Boston, Vancouver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tampa,
Aspen, Maui and Seattle, as well as in other venues.  Its run at New York's Don't Tell Mama won the Back
Stage Bistro Award for Outstanding Cabaret Revue.  
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