What's It About?

With Relish is an original musical revue about food.  In a series of comedy songs and sketches, the show
skewers such topics as trendy foods, designer drinks, politically correct eating,  food addictions, government
regulations, shopping, dieting, kitchen gadgets, gabby waiters, intimidating waiters, religious restrictions on
eating, fast-food restaurants, cooking schools, TV  cooking shows, eating alone, squeamish eaters, loud
eaters, and various other delights.  It has a cast of two women and two men, and the set, costumes and
props are minimal, as the show focuses on the material and the acting.

History of the Show

With Relish originally opened in San Francisco, playing at 1177, where it had an extended run.  It then opened
at The Zephyr Theater in Los Angeles, where it also had an extended run. A few years later, it was revived in
San Francisco at The Plush Room, and the same year, it was licensed for production in Montreal.  The show
later went on tour in Southern California, where it played Cal State Fullerton and The Annenberg Theater in
Palm Springs.
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