"Tuck in your bib, let out your belt and put your heartburn on hold.  With Relish, a tasty potpourri of culinary quips and
gustatory gaffes, has hit town.  Cooked up by Morris Bobrow, this clever musical revue takes as its targets eating,
overeating, waiters, maitre ds, solo dining, food critics and ketchup, among others.  Nothing connected with the
overdeveloped art of shoveling food into one's mouth escapes unscathed."  
-Los Angeles Herald Examiner

"The new With Relish is fast, furious and funnier than ever. It's a perfect revue!"  -San Francisco Bay Times
"A delectable revue!  Bobrow carves, chops and skewers food and the people who cook it, serve it and eat it.  It
takes aim at you, and me, and a few of our friends as well."
- Marin Independent Journal
"And, now, a first!  This is the first time in my career where I am recommending something other than a restaurant
or an edible - it's a musical revue.  But - I have good reason.  This happy, high-spirited four-character production is
about food.  It is called
With Relish.  I cannot recall enjoying myself in a San Francisco cabaret as much in years.  
With Relish is delicious!" - Jack Shelton, Food Critic, Pacific Sun

"A dilly of a musical revue that spoofs and lampoons food in all its facets.  Bobrow has to be one of the most clever
lyricists on the planet.  He's a bit of a Noel Coward of the present, offering one witty ditty after another, all perfectly
aimed at the audience's funny bones."
-Marin Scope

"A delightful revue about food and eating! The depth and range of subjects are congenial, and the rhymes are
intelligently absurd and often audacious!"
-Marin Gazette
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