FOODIES! THE MUSICAL is an original revue of comedy songs and sketches about HOW, WHERE AND WHAT WE EAT.  The show, with a cast of 4,  received excellent reviews and enthusiastic audience reception, tapping into habits and customs all-too familiar to everyone who eats.​​​ It recently completed a fun-filled 4-year run in San Francisco, with great reviews -

"HILARIOUS!" -San Francisco Chronicle

-San Francisco Theater District

-SF Weekly

"I got a tip for you. Went to see Foodies! The Musical. It was hilarious. I highly recommend it. It is great. The acting was superb, the comedy routines a laugh and a giggle a minute. One sketch after another, and they're all funny!" -John Hamilton, KGO Radio

"Food gets a savage yet playful skewering in writer-director Morris Bobrow's revue, Foodies! The Musical.  Yet, locals expect nothing less from Bobrow. The longtime playwright is the genius behind similarly formatted hit shows in San Francisco.  Every scene on Bobrow's musical platter is peppered with something original. Amusing songs and sketches revolve around topics from eating habits to trends and the diverse palates of the food-choppin' public."
-SF Weekly

"Go immediately to see Foodies! The Musical. It is an uprouriously hilarious production that shows us how to laugh at how we eat. In fact, you may find yourself or your friends portrayed in a heightened sense of what we really act like around food and in restuarants. My jaw hurt from smiling and laughing out loud at the antics that seemed all too recognizable. Don't miss Foodies! The Musical. You'll laugh yourself hungry!" -Barbara Treadwell, KGO Radio

"In the Bay Area, eating and the food experience have been elevated to a pretentious and elaborate ritual. Morris Bobrow pokes fun at it all in this new, delightful and all too real spoof about what advertising, health addicts and the medical community have managed to do to our eating habits.  All the habits we have adopted, the hang-ups that guide us, the foolishness in the name of health we read
about and hear about every day are lampooned in this tuneful, energetic, beautifully paced little musical.  We smile, we tap our feet, and we love every minute of this performance. Don't miss this opportunity for a unique, laugh-filled hour with unforgettable tunes by the very talented Morris Bobrow. The show is as marvelous to watch as it  is to hear.  It doesn't get much better than that!" 
-SF Bay Times

"Morris Bobrow's Foodies! The Musical is a show for everyone who enjoys hearing lighthearted songs about eating.  It is reminiscent of those Upstairs At The Downstairs revues in Greenwich Village or the Billy Barnes musicals in Los Angeles.  Four very talented singers sing and pontificate about the ubiquitous obsession with food. They skewer eating habits, restaurants, trends, quirks, Yelp reviews, dietary restrictions, cooking shows, overzealous food writers, Goupons, eating in the car, food trucks and food critics, all within one hour and fifteen minutes of rapidly paced skits.  The lyrics by Morris Bobrow are clever and sophisticated.  Foodies! The Musical is a tuneful, energetic, beautifully little musical. You will laugh yourself hungry."  -Talkin' Broadway