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 An original musical comedy revue about being single, from the anxieties of dating to issues in living together, as well as single parenthood, the joys of freedom, social pressures to find a mate, and other relationship joys and woes.

*San Francisco Theater Critics Circle Award              
      Best Original Score  
*DramaLogue Critic's Award
      Best Book, Music & Lyrics  
*San Francisco Cabaret Gold Award 
      Best Cabaret Musical
*Backstage Bistro Award for          
      Best Cabaret Musical in New York
The show ran for 7 years in San Francisco, and has had productions in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego,  Las Vegas, Wichita, Vancouver, Singapore and other venues.


"A smart little show with infectious music and insightful lyrics that satirically by sympathetically defines that misunderstood subculture called Singledom. There's no more polished master of the original musical revue than Bobrow. He packs lyrics with comic ideas. Party of One is a party for one and all."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"A definitive statement about what it is like to be single. A lot funnier than anything on television." -Boston Globe

"I urge you to see this most enjoyable show. I loved it." -KGO Radio, San Francisco

"Fast, fresh and funny! Very, very funny! A great little show!" -WBZ-TV, Boston

"First class stuff all the way. Originality and savvy wit sparkle. I guarantee you'll have a good time." -KCBS Radio, San Francisco

"Sassy! Satirical! Bobrow holds his own with the likes of Tom Lehrer. Whether you're single, divorced, married, celibate, cohabiting, dating or just looking, check out Party of One. It's a singular good time!" -Boston South End News

"It's clever without being glib, racy without being cheap, and it knows just how seriously to take itself. The minutes go by so fast that you're left half-stifling your laughter at one witty line for fear of missing the next one. You could say it's stand-up comedy set to music, but it's sharp that draws on a broad field of references. The show's talent to amuse owes a lot to the flawless rhyming and unexpected turns of phrase. It's got the quick jab down to an art." -Vancouver Sun

"Without question the happiest and cleverest show in town. Witty, urbane and right on target. Bobrow has a wonderful way with both sophisticated lyrics and infectious music. A celebration of the joys and advantages of being single." -Hollywood Drama-Logue

"On taget with considerable wit. Hits a tender comic nerve. A sharp, biting and sometimes painful exploration of that socially awkward stage known as being single."
-San Jose Mercury News

"Funny, witty, intelligent and provocative - it all added up to the quintessential statement on being single in America. It's compassionate because Bobrow approaches his subject with the essential ingredients of humanity and empathy. If you are currently single, see this show. If you were ever single, see this show. If you are somewhere in between, see this show." -Lifestyle

"You'd have to be dead not to be laughing for most of the show." -Vancouver Province

"Party of One is a delight. Bobrow writes about Relationships with a capital "R" in a biting, satirical and consistently clever way."
-Honolulu Star Bulletin

"They make us remember our own experiences. They make us laugh, and they make us cry over the state of singlehood. No stone is left unturned.  Party of One is not to be missed."
-The Maui News
"One of the most charming hours you are likely to spend in a theater." -St. Petersburg Times

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening of musical theater. Smart and sassy. Not to be missed."
​-Out Front, Denver

"A smart, sophisticated, sometimes deliciously naughty romp about the joys and perils of being single in America circa 1986, although the relationship themes are unversal and timeless - a sparkling gem that will leave you on a widely grinning, toe-tapping high.  Bobrow has a knack for a surprising, well-turned phrase. And in the music, he plays with various styles, throwing in an unexpected tango beat here or an operatic trill there.  Ultimately, the show is about being happy with - and un-apologetic for- being single until you find Mr. or Ms. Right, as encapsulated in the bouncy title tune: 'I'm a party of one and I do what I want 'cause I want to. I don't have to explain. I only answer to me. I pursue any road I get onto. I love to be - free."
-The Wichita Eagle