Shopping! The Musical is an original revue of comedy songs and sketches about everyone's second-favorite (maybe favorite) pastime.  The fast-paced show targets all kinds of stores, customers and merchants as it focuses on virtually every aspect of shopping.  It had a run of over 6 years in San Francisco.

"A CARTFUL OF LAUGHTER!" - San Francisco Chronicle

"Shopping! The Musical is great! Bobrow utilizes words in a truly amazing way that amuses, cajoles, and, yes, often astounds."
-San Francisco Bay Times

"Lyricist-composer Morris Bobrow uses his infectious, irreverent humor to great effect as he pays homage to the highs and lows of our compellingly crass commercial culture. This is a clever collection of tunes - songs that bring to mind Jerry Seinfeld's sharp observations on mundane modern life." - SF Weekly

"Virtually every nook and cranny of the consumer experience is poked, prodded and examined in Shopping! The Musical - a musical comedy revue with Tom Lehrer-style songs illuminating slices of life in the shopping universe: from the mysterious (even sinister) motives behind 'handling charges' to the secret dreams of the guy who plays piano at Nordstrom. The satire of consumer culture here is served with a good-natured grin that's more interested in you chuckling rather than inciting you to revolution. This incisive tone might be a reason Shopping! The Musical is still packing houses and cracking smiles."
-Theatre Bay Area 

"Here is a musical for you. Morris Bobrow has an eye for annoying detail: someone expressing a lifetime of angst to the grocery checker while you stand, waiting, with a half-gallon of melting ice cream in your hand . . . living with someone who views shopping as a dayllong adventure rather than an irritating necessity of life . . . the easy-pay world of compulsive TV shoppers, who know the guys from FedEx, UPS and the USPS world better than they know their own children. The more you show, the more you will enjoy 'Shopping.' And, if you're not all that into shopping, you can appreciate the show as a revue, a now-rare sort of entertainment that features a group of talented people singing slyly funny songs." -Contra Costa Times

"Shopping! The Musical is a clever and sparklng revue. It reminds me of those wonderful little revues that used to occur down in The Village in New York or the great Billy Barnes shows in Los Angeles. Morris Bobrow, who has written and directed numerous musicals, has devised songs about shopping delivered at an amazing speed.  Bobrow knows how to present the lost art of a musical revue. Everyone who sees the revue will identify with some aspect of shopping. His songs remind me of the musical satirist Tom Lehrer. Shopping! The Musical has hilarious lampoons of shopping at wholesale houses like Costco, in which a person buys a six-year supply of toilet paper or carts his stuff home in a Bekins truck, and shopping in department stores, where the customer sings, "Who do you have to screw to get some help around here?" and a shy husband trying to buy a birthday gift for his wife at Victoria's Secret, and much more. -Talkin' Broadway

"If you're looking for laughs, get on down to Shopping! The Musical by Morris Bobrow. A talented group of attractive gals and guys are singing about what it's like to buy tools at Home Depot, bluy gross quantities of stuff at Costco, and otherwise help our American economy to succeed. It's a fun show for all!" 

"Shopping! The Musical should be high on the list for an evening of fun. It is a clever, tuneful satirical revue extolling the joys and pitfalls of breaking out the credit card (or even paying cash) and saying, 'I am going shopping.'  No one should be as talented as Bobrow, who wrote the music, lyrics and skits with a wicked (not really) sense of humor and satire.  The show covers the gamut of our shopping experiences. The musical leaves nothing sacred." -for all events (Adour)

"Morris Bobrow has a way of exposing human realities we do not like to admit, and the amazing thing is that the weapon he uses to rip through our politically correct facades is music. You cannot attend any of his deliciously funny musical productions without wondering, 'How did he know we do it that way?' And, no wonder. Bobrow is the recipient of four San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Awards for outstanding mlusic and lyrics, The Backstage Bistro Award for outstanding cabaret revue in New York and two DramaLogue Critic's Awards.  'Shopping' is a stellar example of his talent.  The 90-minute show seems like one gloriously funny moment of truth. Each number rings a familiar bell. We have all bought that, wanted that and wondered wny we continue to spend so much money acculating things we really don't need. Reality can be a bitter bon-bon that rings all too true and cannot fail to delight even as we squirm remembering when that very thing happened to us." -for all events (Miller)

"Shopping! The Musical is an entertaining way to spend time delving into the 'fine are of shopping.' This fast-paced, very witty show, written by Morris Bobrow, seems particularly appealing to people who relish the art of shopping as entertainment. The lyrics of the tunes are extremely clever. The show explores the volume shopping temptations of warehouse stores such as Costco, the ease of internet shopping at 3 A.M., the loss of the beloved 5 and 10 cent store, with its luncheon counter and "sundries" and "oceans of notions." It delves into the more modern frustrations of trying to purchase something when the computers are down, as if no one knows how to do anything by hand anymore. The show has something for everyone. Shopping! The Musical is so witty and full of fun that my only regret was that it was only 80 minutes in duration."
-Joint Forces Journal